Student Protests Ban on Shorts in Sweltering Heat by Donning Skirt at School

In response to a strict ‘no shorts’ policy for boys, despite the soaring temperatures, a male student at Marple Hall School in Stockport decided to think outside the box. The school had introduced a new dress code, suggesting that students who opted for skirts could wear them with tights or ankle socks due to the hot weather. However, no similar adjustments were made for those who typically wore trousers, like 13-year-old Bodhi Gillion.


Unhappy with the unfairness of the situation, Bodhi took a stand by wearing a skirt to school on Thursday, June 15. His sister, Taylor, shared the incident with the Manchester Evening News, explaining that Bodhi had previously been sent home for not wearing his blazer on a scorching day when temperatures reached 30°C. On another occasion, he wore shorts but was also sent home to put on trousers, even though an email had mentioned that girls were allowed to wear skirts without tights and short socks.

Thirteen-year-old Bodhi turned up for lessons in a skirt to beat the heat. Credit: MEN MEDIA

Finding these discrepancies unjust, Bodhi asked his mother to order a skirt for him, allowing him to stay within the uniform guidelines while staying cooler in the hot weather. Taylor mentioned that Bodhi’s actions have inspired some of his classmates to join him in a silent protest by also wearing skirts. They believe it is an unfair policy and want to express their discontent.

Marple Hall School in Stockport has a strict ‘no shorts’ uniform policy. Credit: MEN MEDIA

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for Marple Hall School informed the Manchester Evening News that while they expected students to adhere to the uniform policy, they made efforts to support students and prioritize their welfare during hot weather. This includes encouraging students to stay hydrated, providing access to water coolers, promoting shaded areas during breaks, ventilating and shading classrooms, and allowing students to attend school without their blazers.

Marple Hall School referred interested parties to their website for comprehensive information regarding the school’s uniform policy.

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