Studies Reveal the Benefits of Children Residing Near Their Grandparents

For centuries, humans have understood on an intuitive level that grandchildren benefit greatly from having their grandparents actively involved in their lives. The proximity between generations has always been valued, and now, scientific research confirms this age-old wisdom. A survey conducted by the University of Oxford reveals that grandparents make a significant contribution to the well-being of their grandchildren through the time they spend together.

This intergenerational bond is mutually beneficial and cherished by all parties involved. Firstly, there are numerous health advantages, including increased life expectancy, associated with this close relationship. Moreover, the immeasurable joy of witnessing a happy grandchild interacting with their grandparents makes it abundantly clear why it is so important to foster this connection. Here are 15 undeniable reasons why it is crucial to raise grandchildren in close proximity to their grandparents:

  1. Grandparents serve as incredible babysitters: While this statement is somewhat tongue-in-cheek since grandparents encompass much more than just babysitting, there’s no denying the convenience when they live nearby. Grandparents can be trusted to care for the children when parents need to attend to other essential matters, and they often prove to be more cost-effective than alternative childcare options.

  2. It combats future ageism: Research conducted in Belgium demonstrates that adolescents who regularly and positively interact with their grandparents display fewer signs of prejudice and discrimination against older individuals. In contrast, young adults who lack these interactions are more susceptible to developing ageist attitudes. Frequent visits with grandparents allow children to perceive the elderly in a positive light, disregarding negative stereotypes.
  3. Grandparents provide guidance during challenging times: When circumstances become stressful at home, grandparents excel at offering guidance and support to children. While parents may need to assume the role of disciplinarians, grandparents can provide a safe haven for children to find solace amidst the storm. The reassuring words, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay,” uttered by grandparents, have a genuinely calming effect. As an additional trusted voice separate from mom and dad, grandparents may find children more receptive to their counsel.
  4. Grandparents possess wisdom for every situation: They are a wellspring of knowledge, and regular access to this wealth of wisdom is an invaluable gift for grandchildren. By raising grandchildren near their grandparents, the younger generation can benefit from the experience and insight of their elders. Having weathered life’s ups and downs, grandparents always know precisely what to say, whether it’s a day of triumph or adversity.

  5. They can be vital role models in the absence of a parent: In today’s world, many families consist of single parents. Grandparents can step in to fill the role of a missing parent, serving as positive male or female role models. Whether it is a grandfather supporting a child without a father figure or a grandmother assisting a single father in the absence of a mother, the presence of an additional person who loves and cares for them is something no grandchild would turn down. The loss or absence of a parent can be deeply painful, and grandparents play a significant role in filling that void.
  6. Grandkids develop a stronger link to the past. Having the grandparents close by means that the kids will have a direct window into previous generations. They can go to their grandma and grandpa’s house whenever they want. Not only to hear stories of how things used to be but to see it for themselves as well. There are sure to be all sorts of unique antique items and collectibles scattered around, plus, thousands of pictures showcasing a lifetime of memories.


These reasons underscore the profound impact that grandparents can have on the lives of their grandchildren. It reaffirms the timeless understanding that close proximity and meaningful relationships between generations are paramount. As science aligns with human intuition, it becomes even more apparent that fostering strong bonds between grandparents and grandchildren is a decision that yields immeasurable rewards for everyone involved.


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