Texas State Student Hits Pause on His Life to Adopt Baby Found Abandoned in Trash Pile

A compassionate act by a Texas State University student has gained viral attention and earned him widespread praise. Jimmy Amisial, originally from Haiti, found himself in the spotlight after he made the decision to adopt a baby he discovered in a trash heap during his visit to his home country for New Year’s celebrations in 2017.

Witnessing the heartbreaking sight of a helpless abandoned baby, Jimmy’s compassionate nature propelled him to take immediate action. The baby boy, named Emilio Angel Jeremiah, was a mere four months old when Jimmy heard his cries amidst the piles of discarded waste. Despite the hesitations of the locals due to Haitian superstitions, which labeled the baby as cursed, Jimmy disregarded their fears and reached out to rescue the child.

Jimmy, who had already been involved in volunteer work at orphanages in Haiti, knew that he couldn’t simply turn away and leave the baby to an uncertain fate. Taking on the responsibility of caring for Emilio, Jimmy, at the age of 22 and still pursuing his college education, became his legal guardian with the support of Haitian authorities and a judge.

Accepting such a significant responsibility came with its own set of challenges for Jimmy. Financial struggles and the need to temporarily pause his college education were among the difficulties he faced while providing for Emilio and his mother, who currently cares for the child in Haiti. However, Jimmy has no regrets about becoming Emilio’s surrogate father.

Emilio now has someone to turn to—a loving father figure—who Jimmy takes great pride in being. Jimmy shared that Emilio often approaches him, asking for various things like a tablet or a bike, and it brings him immense joy to fulfill those requests. To assist with the financial aspects of the adoption, Jimmy initiated a fundraising campaign, which has already raised $60,000. His ultimate goal is to bring Emilio to the United States, and any remaining funds will go towards Jimmy’s college education and supporting Emilio’s future.

Jimmy’s selfless act of courage and inspiration has touched the hearts of many. He embodies the qualities we need to create a better world, and his story serves as a reminder of the impact one person can make. Let’s hope for a bright future for Jimmy and Emilio. Please share this article on Facebook to send warmth, love, and prayers their way.

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