The Aspinall Foundation endeavors to reintroduce captive gorillas to their natural habitat. Under the guidance of Damian Aspinall, the Foundation has successfully reintegrated numerous gorillas into the wild over the past decade. Among them, there is one gorilla who holds a special place in Damian’s heart: Kwibi. Damian nurtured Kwibi until the age of five, at which point he was released back into the jungle. It seemed unlikely that their paths would cross again. However, after five years, Damian made the courageous decision to seek out his old companion, despite the warnings that Kwibi may have adapted to the wild and might display aggression towards anyone who approached him. The ensuing video captures the awe-inspiring moment of their long-awaited reunion. Witnessing their heartfelt encounter, I couldn’t help but feel a comforting warmth in my chest. Prepare to be moved as you watch their remarkable reunion unfold below.


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