The Interior of Elvis Presley’s 1962 Private Flight, an Astonishing Sight, Finds a New Owner

Elvis Presley’s fame extended far beyond his mesmerizing musical journey and unparalleled voice that captivated millions worldwide.

He was not only a maestro of melodies but also possessed an astute appreciation for both culinary delights and cutting-edge fashion (who could forget those iconic blue suede shoes?).

Yet, concealed beneath the limelight, lies a facet of Elvis that isn’t universally acknowledged – his remarkable knack for interior design. This is most vividly embodied by his legendary private jet, a testament to his distinctive style.

Back in 1962, Elvis procured a Lockheed Jetstar model and embarked on a quest to transform it into a personalized masterpiece. Stepping inside unveils a sight to behold – resplendent wooden panels, plush carpets, and opulent red velvet seating.

This aviation gem, an embodiment of Presley’s extravagance, remained in his possession for over three and a half decades. Sadly, upon his demise in 1977, the jet was left abandoned. Among his collection of private aircraft, this Lockheed Jetstar stood out as a prime example.

The ensemble included a bespoke Convair 880, affectionately christened “Lisa Marie,” with the call sign “Hound Dog 1.” A second JetStar, recognized as “Hound Dog 2,” was also part of his collection. These aircraft mirrored his opulent lifestyle and passion for aviation.

For many years, the Lockheed Jetstar rested on a Roswell, New Mexico road, its crimson hue weathered by time. However, the plane has now found a new home after being auctioned in Florida for $260,000 to an enthusiastic Elvis aficionado.

During its airborne days, Elvis shared the skies with his father, Vernon Presley, aboard this aircraft. After the rock icon’s passing, the jet found sanctuary in New Mexico for over three decades. Its exterior might have dulled with age, yet the aircraft maintains a commendable condition.

A peek inside reveals a world of comfort and sophistication. Wooden panels adorn the walls, while plush red velvet covers the seats. Equipped with a “high-tech” television, the aircraft comprises a spacious, contiguous chamber. The seating arrangement exudes comfort, with ample room for companions. Adjacent lies a petite kitchen, complete with a nostalgically aged microwave that might have witnessed the preparation of the iconic Elvis sandwich – a fusion of peanut butter, mayonnaise, crispy bacon, and banana.

And then there’s the lavatory, resplendent in more velvet and featuring an exquisite sink. This juxtaposes starkly with the confined spaces customary on charter flights.

The entire ensemble offers a glimpse into the King of Rock’s unparalleled travel style, meticulously captured in his jet. The aircraft’s recent auction, where it fetched $260,000, took place at the Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car auction in Florida on January 8th.

As for the newfound custodian, their identity remains shrouded in mystery, hidden behind the veil of a telephone bid.

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