The Internet is Going Crazy: Burger King’s 20-Slice Cheese Sandwich Ignites a Frenzy

Named the “authentic cheeseburger,” the peculiar addition to the menu will comprise of American cheese and the chain’s iconic sesame seed bun, offered at a discounted price of 109 Thai baht (approximately $3.10) compared to the regular cheeseburger priced at 380 baht.

Numerous TikTokers hurried to the restaurant to capture clips of the sandwich and share their opinions on the gooey creation. The sandwich quickly gained attention on Twitter, with users worldwide expressing their astonishment at the menu item, deeming it “excessive” and raising concerns about the potential impact on their stomachs. One social media user mentioned that customers can add an additional two slices for a mere $0.50, just in case the already generous serving of 20 slices wasn’t sufficient.


Real cheese butger king 🤣🤣#cheese #burgerking #burger

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – เพชรรัตน์ มุสิกะทัน – เพชรรัตน์ มุสิกะทัน


Real Cheese Burger ขีสแน่นๆจุกๆ มีชีสทั้งหมด 20 แผ่น มาลองได้ที่ #BurgerKing #RealCheeseBurger #Cheese #Burger #ชีส #เรียลชีส

♬ original sound – Nutapiwich – Nutapiwich


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♬ original sound – บอสกินแต่ของอร่อยเท่านั้น – บอสกินแต่ของอร่อยเท่านั้น


Burger King Thailand went as far as sharing the sandwich on Facebook, accompanied by the statement: “This is not a joke, this is real.” The parent company of Burger King, Restaurant Brands International, experienced a successful first quarter in 2023, with a notable 15% year-over-year rise in “consolidated system-wide sales.” Burger King International restaurants also witnessed a commendable 12% increase in global comparable sales.

As of Tuesday afternoon, RBI’s stocks showed an impressive growth of nearly 46% compared to the previous year.

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