Tiny Foal Believes It’s Big Enough to Team Up with Dad in Budweiser’s Most Endearing Video Ever

Meet this adorable, not-yet-a-year-old foal, who’s already determined to lend a hoof in pulling the Budweiser wagon alongside the rest of the majestic Clydesdales.

Venturing off on his own, the spirited little fellow manages to locate the wagon and eagerly slips into his harness. Though the harness is far too large for him, he pays no mind to the challenge and gamely attempts to haul the sizeable red cart.

Despite making little progress, he remains undeterred, refusing to give up. His relentless efforts catch the attention of the adult horses, who observe the valiant struggle and decide to lend a helping hoof. With a gentle nudge, they guide him towards the exit.

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