Tom Cruise Opens Up About the Celebrity Who Leaves Him Starstruck – Raves About Their Memorable Encounter

Tom Cruise, undoubtedly one of the most globally recognized figures, has experienced it all. However, there are occasions when even he transforms into an ardent admirer!

With palpable excitement, the actor divulged his plans for a day off, which involved indulging in an activity that left him starstruck. Contrary to expectations, Tom Cruise, the megastar, chose to attend a Janet Jackson concert, unable to contain his enthusiasm for witnessing her electrifying live performance.


The concert took place last month, providing Cruise with a much-needed respite. Reflecting on the experience with laughter, he shared, “That was a moment, yeah, that was my night off. That was my last break.” He further exclaimed, “I just want to tell you to go see Janet.”

For those curious about Tom Cruise’s concert demeanor, he revealed that he fully immerses himself in the experience like any other fan. “I’m right in there, yeah, come on! It’s Janet, she’s a legend,” Cruise cheerfully expressed. Last month, Janet herself recounted Cruise’s attendance at her concert, posting a backstage picture of the two of them during her “Together Again” tour in Charlotte, North Carolina. The caption read, “T, it was so good seeing you and nice spending some time together.”

When questioned about the nickname, Cruise gushed over how Janet Jackson could address him however she pleased. He replied, “Yeah, she calls me T. Look, she can call me whatever she wants. She’s Janet Jackson! She’s a goddess. She is a goddess.”

Currently promoting the seventh installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, titled Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Cruise ensures he never takes his career and success for granted. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed his astonishment, stating, “It’s unbelievable. I do pinch myself every day. I don’t take anything for granted.”


Recounting his aspirations from a young age, Cruise reminisced, “I remember being 18 years old, making Taps, and I remember being four years old and thinking I want to make movies, and I want to travel the world, and now here we are in Rome.” He added, “It’s something that I am constantly [feeling like], ‘This is so out of body’ and ‘What is happening? This is wild.’… I just feel very privileged,” concluding his sentiments.


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