Tom Holland Expresses Gratitude for Zendaya’s Presence: Their Love Is a Precious Treasure

Tom Holland’s love for Zendaya surpasses even our own adoration! During a recent episode of the Wondery podcast Smartless, hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, the 27-year-old Spider-Man actor shared insights into his strong bond with Zendaya, 26. The key to their extraordinary relationship? Mutual understanding.

“I consider myself fortunate to have someone like Zendaya in my life,” expressed Holland. “It’s fascinating to be romantically involved with someone who comprehends the unique challenges we face.”

He continued, “We can relate and share our experiences, and that level of connection is truly invaluable.” In a lighthearted BuzzFeed interview last month, Holland playfully discussed his lack of “rizz,” or charisma, stating that it holds no importance now that he’s content in his relationship.

“I’m happy and in love, so I have no need for ‘rizz,'” he quipped.

The Crowded Room actor then elaborated, saying, “I possess no significant charisma; I have limited ‘rizz.'” Jokingly addressing the supposed secret to his charisma, he added, “I need you to genuinely fall in love with me for it to work.”

“Thus, the long game. Perhaps making a movie together—when the characters fall in love on screen, it certainly blurs the lines,” Holland chuckled. Later in the interview, he revealed that Zendaya had been his childhood celebrity crush without hesitation.

“Without a doubt, Zendaya,” he promptly responded when asked.


Holland also recently discussed the importance of privacy in his relationship with Zendaya during a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter. Not only do they prefer to keep their personal lives private, but they also lead incredibly busy lives due to their careers.

“Our relationship is something we hold sacred and protect fiercely,” explained Holland. “We believe that it’s our own, and we owe no explanations to anyone. It has nothing to do with our careers.” Nowadays, Zendaya isn’t just his girlfriend but also his favorite partner for memes, as the Euphoria actress consistently provides him with nonstop entertaining content.

“She bombards me with so much content. It’s overwhelming at times,” Holland shared. “There are days when I have to take a break from Instagram. I’ll reinstall the app to post something, but then I’ll have hundreds and hundreds of messages from her that I need to catch up on.”

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