Touched the Hearts of Over 2 Million: Resilient Owl Mother Discovers Nest Filled with Eggs

In the midst of heart-wrenching circumstances, fate often intervenes to ensure a positive outcome, as witnessed by wildlife photographer Robert E. Fuller.

Maintaining a delicate balance, Fuller, based in Yorkshire, constructs habitats in his backyard to foster ecological growth and capture his subjects through his lenses.

The story commences in January, with Luna and Bomber, a couple of owls in search of a nesting place. Their quest led them to one of the nesting spots created by Fuller.

Enduring challenges, particularly when their initial eggs failed to hatch, the determined couple persevered. Luna, despite the changes to the owl box since her last occupancy, managed to carve out a beautiful spot for an egg.

The journey to parenthood was far from easy, as their nesting place attracted the interest of other birds. However, through perseverance, Luna and Bomber succeeded in establishing their territory. Tawny owls typically build their nests in tree hollows, with both males and females creating a suitable environment for the eggs.

Luna, in her own unique way, added her personal touch to the nest, picking off bits of bark and improving their abode.

By mid-May, Luna began laying eggs. However, their efforts were disrupted by a jackdaw and a kestrel attempting to claim the nesting spot for themselves.

Undeterred, Luna remained calm and continued laying eggs at 64-hour intervals. This time, she managed to produce a clutch of three eggs that she diligently cared for until hatching. Tawny owls typically incubate their eggs for about a month.

The task of incubation was a collaborative effort, with Luna taking charge of brooding and incubating the eggs while Bomber hunted for them both.

Unfortunately, after a month, tragedy struck once more. The eggs remained motionless, indicating another failure.

The couple found themselves without chicks, and to make matters worse, the birds that had been causing disruptions returned, even trapping Luna inside the nest. However, fate had other plans in store.

As Luna and Bomber grappled with their grief and battled the intruding birds, Fuller received an unexpected call. He rushed to a nearby farm, where he was presented with two owl chicks.

The chicks had been discovered near haystacks, presumed to have fallen from their nest. Fuller immediately conceived a plan to rescue the owls.

After repairing Luna’s nest, Fuller infused the mother owl with a glimmer of hope. He recognized Luna as the perfect candidate, given her heightened maternal instincts. Fuller introduced the chicks to Luna, and astonishingly, she immediately embraced them.

Through heartbreak and pain, Luna could finally fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

The heartwarming resolution was celebrated by many. “Luna passed on her kindness by adopting the owlets, just as she had been adopted. We’re thrilled that she could share her nurturing instincts with the needy owlets. It was a mutually beneficial outcome for all!” expressed one individual.

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