Turia Overcomes Massive Forest Fire, Endures 2-Year Mask Wear, and Embraces Motherhood

Turia Pitt, a former model, was participating in an ultra marathon in Australia six years ago when she found herself trapped in a devastating bush fire. The intense flames left her with severe burns covering 64 percent of her body, and doctors expressed doubts about her chances of survival.

In a remarkable display of unwavering support, Turia’s boyfriend, Michael Hoskin, made the decision to leave his job as a police officer in order to care for her. He stood by her side, offering protection and love, knowing that he would never leave her.


Since the tragic incident, Turia has undergone an astonishing 200 operations. She faced the loss of seven fingers and endured over two years of recovery. In 2020, she courageously recounted the harrowing event during an interview, vividly describing how the flames trapped her during a 100km event in remote Western Australia. Turia recalled the distressing sight of her own skin adhering to the rocks and the overwhelming sensation of panic that engulfed her.

During her four-year stay in intensive care, Michael demonstrated his unwavering commitment by proposing to Turia with a diamond ring he had purchased for her. The proposal took place during a vacation in the Maldives, symbolizing their enduring bond and love.

Turia’s healing process involved wearing a facial mask for two years, a testament to her unwavering determination to recover. Gradually, she began to rebuild her life and her strength. Every day, Michael reminds her of her beauty and stands as a pillar of support.


In 2016, the couple exchanged vows, united in their journey. Turia expresses her profound gratitude to Michael for his steadfast support throughout the past challenging seven years, most of which were spent in hospital.

Their love story has been an inspiration to many, as they have fought to move forward and rebuild their lives. Turia doesn’t seek pity; she simply wants to embrace life fully. Michael describes her as beautiful and amazing, emphasizing her resilience.


In 2017, Turia joyfully announced on Instagram that she was expecting their first child, spreading the news across Australia where people have closely followed their extraordinary journey. Despite being unable to run marathons for a while, she remained committed to staying fit during her pregnancy.

Finally, their much-anticipated baby arrived, further illuminating their path. Their story serves as a testament to the power of love, an inspiration for all who encounter it.


Michael and Turia are exemplars of resilience and love. Their remarkable journey instills hope and serves as a reminder that love can triumph over adversity. Share their story and spread hope and positivity among your friends!

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