‘Unicorn’ Dog, Once Close to Euthanasia Due to Head Bump, Finds a Wonderful New Home”

Once on the brink of euthanasia due to a lump on her head, this extraordinary canine, often referred to as a “unicorn” pup, now thrives in a wonderful new life, thanks to a second chance.

In the previous year, the Labelle Foundation welcomed a lovable pit bull named Strawberry into their care. In an emotional social media post, it was revealed that the dog’s condition was distressing, nearly leading to her untimely demise before the foundation intervened.

Strawberry endured two substantial lumps on her head and suffered from severe neglect. Her mange-ridden body showcased bright pink skin, a clear sign of infection. Fortunately, the Labelle Foundation stepped in, conducting tests that revealed the lumps on her head were not life-threatening; they were merely scar tissue from a previous injury.

Sadly, removing the lumps was not feasible as the procedure held no medical significance and carried the risk of brain trauma, leaving them as permanent reminders. Determined to find a loving family who would embrace this exceptional “unicorn” dog, the rescue remained undeterred by her appearance.

“We cherish our little unicorn just the way she is, and we are confident we will discover someone who feels the same!” they expressed with optimism. Fortunately, a compassionate family came across Strawberry’s story and rapidly fell in love with this truly exceptional canine.

Kristen Kuhlman from South Pasadena, California shared her experience, saying, “I kept seeing her picture appear on the foundation’s Instagram page, and she was still available. Her gentle eyes captivated me, and I had never encountered a dog quite like her before… She’s a very unique and unmistakable creature, one in a million, truly unparalleled.”

In September, Kristen and her family welcomed Strawberry into their home, but the initial adjustment proved challenging for the pup. Kristen explained that Strawberry had endured much in her life, leaving her confused and tearful during the night.

However, with time, Strawberry acclimated to her new surroundings and developed a profound affection for her adopted family. Kristen shared, “Within a couple of weeks, she blossomed and became the most loving dog. My family adores her. She seamlessly fits into our household. It has been a fantastic experience.”

Strawberry, a stunning dog in her own right, has found a loving home that fully appreciates her unique qualities. This heartwarming tale reminds us of the power of compassion and acceptance. Let us celebrate this extraordinary news and spread the joy of Strawberry’s incredible journey! 🦄❤️

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