Unique Image of Elvis Presley’s Twin Grandchildren Surfaces, Prompting a Consensus

The world-renowned Presley family has faced significant challenges recently, and smooth sailing has been far from their experience.

After the sudden and tragic passing of Lisa Marie Presley on January 12, 2023, her loved ones have had to contend not only with grief but also with disputes surrounding the Presley estates and Lisa Marie’s will. Speculation has arisen, suggesting that Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, and her daughter, Riley Keough, have found themselves at odds.

American rock legend Elvis Presley with his daughter Lisa-Marie Presley. (Photo by Frank Carroll/Sygma via Getty Images)

However, there was reason for celebration last week when Lisa Marie’s twin daughters, Finley and Harper Lockwood, graduated from middle school. A photo emerged on Instagram, featuring the girls with their respective blond and red hair styles, and it caught the attention of fans that both Priscilla and Riley were present for the occasion.

What surprised many was how mature Finley and Harper appeared. Priscilla shared the photo on social media, along with a caption that read, “Happy Graduation girls! You’re now in high school!!!”

According to reports, Michael Lockwood, the twins’ father, was appointed as their legal guardian in April, three months after Lisa Marie’s passing. However, the legal proceedings following her death were more complex. It took a lengthy process to determine the trustee of her estate, which was only resolved last week. Ultimately, Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley became the sole trustee, and Priscilla’s attorney shared, “Everyone is happy, unified, together and excited for the future.”

Credit / Instagram – Priscilla Presley

In a filing on June 13, Priscilla addressed and refuted claims of infighting between herself and her granddaughter Riley. She clarified that her earlier petition in January 2023 was misinterpreted in the media as a “fight” over her beloved daughter’s trust. Priscilla emphasized that the intent was not to create conflict and expressed the devastation and heartbreak caused by her daughter’s passing. She also highlighted the unity of the family, stating, “We have learned that the fans realize that we are ‘Just A Family.'”

Priscilla concluded by emphasizing the importance of honoring Elvis and Lisa’s wishes, expressing her pride in her granddaughter’s diligent efforts, alongside her legal team, to resolve misunderstandings within the family.

In any case, the graduation photo of Finley and Harper suggests that any existing divisions among the Presley family are beginning to heal.

LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 23: Actress Priscilla Presley (L) and singer Lisa Marie Presley attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony during the grand opening of “Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition – The Show – The Experience” at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on April 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage)

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