Update on Ailing Former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady: Insights Shared by Grandson – ‘His Health is Quite Fragile’

After his departure from the ABC reality show Claim to Fame, Hugo Wentzel, who happens to be the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, took a moment to provide an update on the health of both his grandfather and grandmother.

Wentzel shared insights on his grandfather’s current situation, highlighting his ongoing drive to engage his mind despite grappling with illness and the passage of time. “He’s always been eager to keep his mind active, but the truth is, he’s facing significant health challenges as he ages,” Wentzel conveyed to EW.

After a series of hospitalizations, Carter made the transition to receiving home hospice care in February.

Following his elimination from the show, the 24-year-old, who is the offspring of Amy Carter, delivered a poignant speech that paid tribute to his 98-year-old grandfather. In heartfelt remarks to his fellow contestants, Wentzel remarked, “He’s an exceptional grandpa, truly dear to my heart. I affectionately call him Papa. His leadership has shaped America and our family profoundly. His ideals of equality for all, regardless of race, status, or gender, resonate deeply with me. He’s an extraordinary individual, and I aspire to emulate his qualities.”

Wentzel also took a moment to address the former president’s health situation. “I’d also like to share that he has recently transitioned to hospice care due to his illness. It’s been quite saddening. Papa, I hold you in the highest regard. I commit to upholding your legacy with unwavering dedication. Leading with love – that’s my message.” Wentzel expressed that it has become increasingly challenging to spend time with his grandfather at their Plains, Georgia residence, where hospice care has been provided for several months.

Despite this, his mother remains deeply engaged in supporting her father. “My mom dedicates a significant portion of her time to him. In light of factors like COVID regulations, she invests nearly half her time in his care. Our focus is on family. Although I haven’t been able to see him as often lately, he knows that I hold him in the highest esteem, and our support is unwavering.”

Speaking about his grandfather’s health, Wentzel conveyed, “His condition is quite serious. Nonetheless, his intellectual prowess endures. He engages with audiobooks and remains a true intellectual force. He’s remarkably intelligent, and my admiration for him knows no bounds. He’s resolute in keeping his mind occupied, yet his health struggles are undeniable.”

As for his grandmother, the former first lady, Wentzel disclosed, “She’s contending with dementia. When I interact with her, she occasionally grapples with memory lapses. However, the moments when clarity shines through are truly exceptional. My love for her is boundless.”

“I’d like to take this opportunity to emphasize what an extraordinary woman she is. Her contributions to mental health and her life’s work are immeasurable. It’s imperative that everyone recognizes the significance and beauty she embodies as both a person and a grandmother.”

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