Valerie Bertinelli Shares Her Experience of Facing ‘Merciless Mockery’ from Former Partner Regarding Her Weight

Valerie Bertinelli recently opened up to her fans about her ongoing journey towards healing from past traumas. She shared a personal experience on TikTok, revealing that putting on a pair of pants brought back memories of being subjected to hurtful ridicule by a former partner.

The accomplished actor and Food Network star humorously recounted how she discovered a hidden bruise that was triggered by the sound of her pants rubbing together. She reflected on how, although she can now laugh about her clothing choice, this wasn’t always the case. She stopped wearing those pants because they were a target of merciless mockery, which took a toll on her emotionally.


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In her candid video, she shed light on the impact of emotional, verbal, and mental abuse, comparing them to hidden bruises that remain concealed from view but can still cause significant pain when activated. Despite the hesitations she had about sharing her experience publicly, Bertinelli expressed gratitude for the progress she’s making in her healing journey.

While not mentioning the specific former partner responsible for the hurtful comments, her words come shortly after her reflections on healing following her divorce. On Instagram, she shared her belief that emotional pain gets stored in the body and described the various methods she’s employing for healing, including therapy, journaling, meditation, and rolfing.

Valerie filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Tom Vitale, in May 2022, after a prior legal separation. In November 2022, she celebrated the official finalization of her divorce, marking it as a significant milestone in moving forward from the past. She emphasized that she’s moved beyond the pain and is no longer affected by the influence of the narcissistic ex-partner.

Valerie’s courage to share her story serves as a reminder of the difficulty in extricating oneself from an abusive relationship. Her actions in leaving that toxic situation and embarking on a path of healing are commendable and inspiring, underscoring the resilience required to overcome such challenges.


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