Woman Declared Clinically Dead for 15 Minutes Unveils Astonishing Tales of Spending ‘Five Years in Heaven’

A woman who shares her account of spending “five years” in heaven has revealed her experiences after being declared clinically dead.

Dr. Lynda Cramer, who experienced clinical death for over 14 minutes in May 2001, recently recounted her extraordinary journey. In a YouTube video, Cramer described how she went to the bathroom at her home in the US and suddenly felt as though she was “floating.”

Credit: NDE Diary / Youtube / Peter Tsai Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

Cramer recounted the events, saying, “My ex-husband rushed in, followed by two paramedics who immediately attended to my lifeless body in the bathroom. Although no physical time passed for me, I found myself floating in the living room.”

She further explained, “According to the paramedic report, I was clinically dead for a confirmed 14 minutes.”

During this time, Cramer claimed that she was able to observe people entering the room and could witness the events from above her own body.

Dr Lynda Cramer says she was clinically dead for more than 14 minutes. Credit: YouTube/NDE Diary

Cramer stated that she noticed her body was not breathing, but it did not cause her any distress. She also claimed to have seen blue orbs entering her home, emanating a “pure white energy.” While paramedics worked to revive her, Cramer, who holds a PhD in metaphysics, claimed that she felt like she was “in heaven” for a duration of five years.

Surviving the medical emergency, Cramer has openly shared her experiences of the afterlife. She described witnessing a mountain that surpassed Mount Everest in height by 30,000 times, making it the tallest mountain in the world.

She’s talked about what she saw while she was ‘dead’. Credit: YouTube/NDE Diary

In addition to her observations within her own home, Cramer recalled being in a field filled with blooming flowers. “I was observing a mountain range that was 30,000 times larger than Mount Everest,” she said. “There’s a massive mountain range in the distance wherever I was. I could see buildings with skyscrapers, dwarfing Dubai into tiny huts by comparison. Lakes, panoramic views—everything was visible to me.”

Cramer mentioned that her encounter with the afterlife also included a “life review” in which she could relive various memories. Furthermore, she claimed that while in this ethereal realm, she had the ability to transform herself as desired.

“If I wanted to become a duck, I had the power to do so,” she said. “Why not, right?”

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