Woman Devotes 5 Hours Daily to Kitchen Duties, Believing It’s Her Role to Improve Husband’s Life

In the past century, there has been a significant influx of women joining the workforce, leading to a departure from strict gender roles. Nowadays, husbands and wives more equitably divide their responsibilities.

Nevertheless, even in this modern age, there are some women who staunchly adhere to and uphold traditional gender roles. One such example is Estee Williams, a 25-year-old woman married to her 23-year-old husband, Connor. Estee has chosen to embrace the role of a ‘tradwife,’ or traditional wife, taking on all domestic tasks in their home and finding fulfillment in fulfilling her gender role as a wife.

Estee’s path to becoming a ‘tradwife’ began when she met Connor in 2020 during her meteorology studies. They quickly fell in love, discovering many common interests. While Connor works full-time as an electrician, Estee prefers that he not contribute to household tasks, with the exception of occasional assistance.

In their relationship, Estee takes on the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning, and she values Connor’s guidance in organizing her day. She does not go to the gym without him and seeks his approval before making most purchases, apart from groceries. Additionally, she makes an effort to have her hair and makeup done before he returns home.

Currently childless, the couple plans to maintain the same dynamic when they have children, with Estee managing the household and childcare. They even intend to homeschool their children to have more control over their academic content.

Estee’s upbringing in a broken home, witnessing her mother’s struggles after divorce, has influenced her belief that women cannot “have it all.” Although some people on social media criticize her for not contributing financially, she finds contentment in not having to worry about work or bills.

Ultimately, as a grown woman, Estee has the right to choose her life path. Her decision to embrace traditional gender roles is a personal choice. Whether one agrees or disagrees with her choices, it is important to respect her autonomy in shaping her life according to her values and preferences.

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