Years of Pizza Delivery to Rusty Trailer Revealed a Startling Discovery Once She Peered Inside

In times when faith in humanity falters, take solace knowing that there are always individuals who possess hearts of gold and perform acts of kindness that can help restore it.

Angela Nguyen has dedicated a significant portion of her life to working at Domino’s, diligently delivering countless pizzas over the years. Among her many customers, there was one man named Lee Haase who would consistently order pizza every Saturday without fail. However, unexpectedly, these orders suddenly ceased. While most people may not have given it a second thought, Angela’s concern was piqued, prompting her to investigate the well-being of her most loyal and regular customer.


Upon arriving at Lee’s residence, she discovered a large portion of his roof had been torn away by a powerful storm that had recently occurred. Regrettably, Lee lacked the means to repair his house, and life had dealt him another devastating blow with the loss of his son in a snowmobile accident. He found himself in a dire state of despair.


Despite her best efforts, Angela was unable to locate Lee. However, her daughter, who also worked as a pizza delivery person, informed her that Lee was living in a dilapidated trailer nearby. The trailer lacked basic necessities such as heat, water, sewage facilities, and electricity. Overwhelmed by compassion, Angela felt compelled to take action.

She expressed, “I felt it was imperative that we do something. We cannot allow a fellow human being to live in such conditions.” Her first step was to provide Lee with an electric heater, and then she initiated a crowdfunding campaign. To her astonishment, the campaign garnered significant attention from members of the community who were motivated to contribute. In just two months, a staggering $32,360 was raised. Angela remarked, “Every single one of us found joy in participating. This effort was not solely for Lee’s benefit, but a collective benefit for all of us.”

Angela’s determination did not stop there. In a remarkable gesture, instead of delivering pizza, she delivered a brand new home to Lee.

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